Design your own…

Event planning can be tricky!  I have planned several events in the past and am currently planning a pretty important one…MY WEDDING!!  While browsing through endless wedding websites to get more ideas than my brain can handle, I came across one that I loved.  Preston Bailey…The Event Planning God.

I don’t know about you but when I am in the middle of planning an event, big or small, I get caught up on the big picture, and sometimes don’t pay as much attention to the small things that can add so much pizzazz.  Such as…a table cloth.  Pretty basic/standard accessory, right?  Preston Bailey would say you’re wrong.

Check out his amazing website and the option to DESIGN YOUR OWN TABLE CLOTH!,22,14,37&t=1&f=1&pS=40


A Dress Made of 9,999 ROSES

Most women are used to getting a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day, right? (or am I being gyped?!)  This lucky lady had a dress made for her out of 9,999 roses, incredible!  But you just asked yourself this question-  Why not just put one more and make it 10,000?

Well give this guy credit because he did A LOT of planning and there was a reason for every aspect of this amazing proposal!

9,999 roses- 9 is a lucky number in the Chinese, it represents forever.

Xiao Fan and his girlfriend, Yin Mi are located in Chime-Long paradise amusement park in the southern Chinese province of Guandong.  This is also the same place they met 3 years ago.