Wedding Tips From Preston Bailey

Preston Bailey is nothing less than BRILLIANT!  I have done a post about him before on his awesome custom table cloths.  His website is almost as amazing as his work!  Today I have done my typical daily routine of stalking his page to see what else I will fall in love with…


What can I do to get Preston Bailey to be my florist for my wedding?!?!?! I NEED him!!  He does amazing flower sculptures and even has a Facebook app for his flower ideas.

I am currently planning my wedding and unfortunately I don’t have a budget for Preston Bailey’s work; however, there are several, less extravagant ideas that are fairly easy to mimic.  He is also teaming with The Wedding Planning Institute to offer a course through accredited colleges across the U.S.  There are also opportunities for externships and internships.  This is an amazing opportunity that would be very beneficial on a resume and to get some experience in the event planning industry if that’s what your passion is!


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