Not so Traditional

Several of my previous blog posts have been about Preston Bailey, I am obsessed with his work and can’t get enough of it.

However, I came across a few pictures that made me stop for a second and think.  As times change our society has become less and less traditional, ESPECIALLY when it comes to weddings!

This is a perfect example of untraditional…

How do you feel about these?  Are these acceptable wedding gowns?


Project Wedding

There are several websites that offer great wedding tips, tricks, and ideas.  As my previous posts have shown, I have discovered some of the best websites over the last few months.

I’ve found another great one!

Project Wedding

This awesome site offers ideas for DIY weddings, Planning Basics, Wedding Cakes, Songs for just about every part of your big day that you could imagine, Invitations, favors and much more!

@iloveswmag…No, REALLY…I do

I’ve been engaged for 5 months now and I’ve been slowly taking steps towards planning.  I have put a lot of time and thought into this and I still have nothing set in stone!

As I was browsing Pinterest today I came across a picture that I loved.  I clicked on it and somewhere along the way I ended up visiting Southern Wedding Magazine.

I spend hours online going from one website to the next, finding bits and pieces of wedding ideas that I like.  Southern Wedding Magazine has an abundance of ideas, real wedding photos, experts to answer your questions, Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory, a website that is super easy to navigate and my FAVORITE feature…Southern Bride of the Month.

I could go on for days about how much iloveswmag, but I don’t have enough time in a day or words in my vocabulary to describe the overwhelming excitement that it brought to me today.  You must check it out for yourself!

Wedding Tips From Preston Bailey

Preston Bailey is nothing less than BRILLIANT!  I have done a post about him before on his awesome custom table cloths.  His website is almost as amazing as his work!  Today I have done my typical daily routine of stalking his page to see what else I will fall in love with…


What can I do to get Preston Bailey to be my florist for my wedding?!?!?! I NEED him!!  He does amazing flower sculptures and even has a Facebook app for his flower ideas.

I am currently planning my wedding and unfortunately I don’t have a budget for Preston Bailey’s work; however, there are several, less extravagant ideas that are fairly easy to mimic.  He is also teaming with The Wedding Planning Institute to offer a course through accredited colleges across the U.S.  There are also opportunities for externships and internships.  This is an amazing opportunity that would be very beneficial on a resume and to get some experience in the event planning industry if that’s what your passion is!

The Importance of Authenticism

Danny Brown…you are so right.  This blog..”Before We Believe You” really hit home with me.  I loved that the importance of being true to yourself and others is stressed here.   Being authentic and honest is priceless!  A potential employer can usually see these things in a person.  Hang up the mask, stop hiding behind it, and get real with yourself and those around you!

The newest addiction

Last night my roommates and I used the Super Bowl as an excuse to get our girls together to catch up, chat, and veg out.  It was a blast, we rarely glanced at the TV…until the last few minutes of the game, everyone stopped speaking and we were all glued to the screen.  After the game, the season premiere of The Voice came on.  I had never watched it and thought it was just another show that was over hyped.

Boy was I wrong….

I was hooked from the beginning.  I love everything about it from the judges (Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Cee Lo Green) to the blind auditions, to the amazing talent that is being discovered.

Unfortunately, our society bases many things off of appearance.  This is one of the reasons I love The Voice so much.  It is solely based off of the contestant’s voice.  When a judge likes a contestant and wants them on their team, the press a button that spins their chair around.

This show is amazing!

Have Your (BEAUTIFUL) Cake and Eat it too!

There are a million different cakes in the wedding world. Different colors, designs, tiers, stands, and decorations that go into the cake decision process.

Once again, Preston Bailey has opened my eyes to something beautiful.


This cake is simply beautiful, the colors in the cake are breathtaking and the detail is extraordinary!

The flowers across the front add such a fun, playful touch to this cake.

This is my absolute FAVORITE!!! The different background shades, the different tier sizes, the simple white flower on top. This cake is unpredictable from top to bottom! SO IN LOVE!!!

As I was browsing wedding websites, I came across a great way to predict the cost of your wedding by entering your zip code. Check it out!

Bookoos of Beautiful Bouquets

I have loved flowers all my life, even more now that I am interested in event management/planning, and more than before now that I am planning my wedding! 

These breathtaking bouquets are just a glimpse of the countless ways to pair flowers together so that they fit you and your special day!

Check out The Knot to find more FABULOUS bouquets!

                                                      This deep purple/feather look is so romantic!

Brooch Bouquets are a fun new trend in the wedding world! Add some fun and color to YOUR BIG DAY!!

Design your own…

Event planning can be tricky!  I have planned several events in the past and am currently planning a pretty important one…MY WEDDING!!  While browsing through endless wedding websites to get more ideas than my brain can handle, I came across one that I loved.  Preston Bailey…The Event Planning God.

I don’t know about you but when I am in the middle of planning an event, big or small, I get caught up on the big picture, and sometimes don’t pay as much attention to the small things that can add so much pizzazz.  Such as…a table cloth.  Pretty basic/standard accessory, right?  Preston Bailey would say you’re wrong.

Check out his amazing website and the option to DESIGN YOUR OWN TABLE CLOTH!,22,14,37&t=1&f=1&pS=40

A Dress Made of 9,999 ROSES

Most women are used to getting a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day, right? (or am I being gyped?!)  This lucky lady had a dress made for her out of 9,999 roses, incredible!  But you just asked yourself this question-  Why not just put one more and make it 10,000?

Well give this guy credit because he did A LOT of planning and there was a reason for every aspect of this amazing proposal!

9,999 roses- 9 is a lucky number in the Chinese, it represents forever.

Xiao Fan and his girlfriend, Yin Mi are located in Chime-Long paradise amusement park in the southern Chinese province of Guandong.  This is also the same place they met 3 years ago.